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screen-session  requires a modified version of GNU Screen,
it uses "ps", "pgrep" and reads /proc filesystem.

Tested on:

    Linux, Python 2.5.2 and 2.7.2
    FreeBSD 8.1, Python 2.6.5 (with mounted procfs)
    OpenSolaris, Python 2.4.4

Installation - part 1 - installing screen-session
Edit to match your local setup (screen-session is installed
into the /usr/local/ namespace by default), you can also disable colors
by removing "-DCOLOR".

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install

    make clean

    make install        # if necessary as root
                        # it also symlinks screen-session as "scs"

Note that the installation step is optional, only compilation is necessary.
Just link to from your PATH to:

Installation - part 2 - installing modified GNU Screen
Github repository:
Modifications included in Screen bundled with screen-session.
    - New commands:
        - dumpscreen [window | window-full | layout | layout-info | history]
        - tty
        - maxlay
    - make it possible to query "group", "maxwin", "layout", "screen" commands
    - associate :focusminsize with the layout
    - fix a crash when opening :windowlist inside a group
      (triggered by :monitor feature)
    - an escape for the escape key

To compile Screen you need the following packages installed on your system:

Compile and install the modified Screen:

    cd screen-session-VERSION/screen-4.1.0


    sudo make install

Verify, that you are running the proper Screen version:

    % screen --version
    Screen version 4.01.00scs_VERSION (screen-session project) 27-July-11

    % screen-session --version
    screen-session VERSION - a collection of tools for GNU Screen.

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