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screen-session 0.6.5

  * layoutlist: add -M option ( select previous layout and exit )
  * Makefile: support DESTDIR environment variable
  * saver: do not crash if a window was started with ":screen su"
  * kill: add -t option

screen-session 0.6.4

This is a small, mostly bug fix release. New features include:

  * layout-zoom
    Zoom into and out of a region. Intended to replace ":only" command.
    Requires an active layout. Inspired by ZoomWin Vim plugin:

  * tools accept now window ranges ( i.e. scs dump 2-5 )

Announcing screen-session 0.6.3

screen-session home page:




  git clone git://

About this release:

This version of screen-session contains a few new features and fixes a number
of bugs in the previous release. It claims to run on Python 2.4 - 2.7 and
supports Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Currently, running screen-session requires
modified GNU Screen sources.

New in this release:

  * Layoutlist tool - displays a browseable list of layouts with a few nifty
    features ( search with highlight, MRU view, may run in a temporary layout )

  * Subwindows tool - prints windows nested in a group, adds support for
    selecting windows nested in groups

  * layout-checkpoint, layout-undo, layout-redo, layout-history
    - basic undo/redo for regions

  * Session saver:
    - added support for saving zombie windows
    - more streamlined command line invocation
    - performance improvements

  * The installation process is considerably simpler.
    Screen-session is now distributed with patched GNU Screen sources placed in
    ( Screen development sources with a few modifications. )
    Github repository:
    - New commands:
        - dumpscreen [window | window-full | layout | layout-info | history]
        - tty
        - maxlay
    - make it possible to query "group", "maxwin", "layout", "screen" commands
    - associate :focusminsize with the layout
    - fix a crash when opening :windowlist inside a group
      (triggered by :monitor feature)
    - an escape for the escape key

About screen-session

screen-session is a collection of tools for GNU Screen, the most prominent one
being the session saver ( with integrated VIM session saving ).
A full list of tools along their detailed descriptions, examples and screenshots
is available at the project's homepage.

screen-session is released under the GNU GPL.

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